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The Hells 01:32
there's a town in the hills where nobody here knows how special it is to live / there's a house where we drink where nobody here knows how fickle this is to live / it's going to break you apart / there's a town in the hills / she may have followed him there but she sure as shit won't be caught dead coming back / there's a town in the hells where nobody here knows how fickle this really is to live
empires so secret / pulled the darts from the board to keep ourselves warm / tired, sick and cold before we lift the wool / we forged an army built on dishonesty and greed / a lot only so cowardly / oh my oh my it's mine / my disbelief / this might be cause for an alarm / becoming everything i've been afraid of all at once / here at the top of the world / the color of the night / keep it quiet / keep it buried / give up the glory but you're running out of your pride / it's hardly anything i can hide / there's a stretch of every mile / broken teeth in our crooked smiles / a lie for every secret i can't keep / and comfort in each / we relive the same lie every time / somehow we redefine ourselves with each and every line / i'm not this fucked up, am i? / gypsy queen can't run forever free / can't shoot but she'll learn how to scream / gypsy queen can't run for long / she could steal but she couldn't hold on
Horse 03:24
healthy blessings / bitter miracles for you / the sweet discovery of joy / there's a fire burning passion in your eyes / he should know just who you've walked on, where you've been and who's been him before / it was me / you can scream / but there's no one listening at the bottom / the only beast worth taming is your own / ride on your chariot with the white horse leading you through a sour sea of ease / color the streets in his blood / how deep can you bury him before he cuts you off? / you can scream / straight down through your bones and marrow / a saint at the gates of hell left hanging at the gallows / how's your taste for the flavor of weak? / lick your jowls and feed your demons / you can scream
i knew an honest hare from a fairy tale / pompous with a grin / he thought that he could win / and i've been drinking whiskey with him ever since / we laughed about our sins / call me out of the crowd on the last leg of the race and let me have a taste / of course, the race is only what you make of it / not wins, but how you finish / so tie your own rope until it's tight enough to choke you on the way down / you might not be so busy now / in the lion's den / in the snake pit / pouring venom from my neck
Wolves 04:44
a patient steady loss / a feeble cancer takes our spirits whole / but savor every breath / it's ripping us to shreds / piece by piece / drink by drink / once you've had enough, you'll never have enough / a body sore and tried / lusting to temp it's own design / step through the fire as we slowly slip into the white / paint yourself to the teeth and give yourself up to god / don't slip off the lift / paint yourself to the teeth and give yourself up to me / the wolves come out at dawn / they keep you shaking as they spill your guts and share your blood / but it's far, no? / we get what's coming / this might be permanent / you're not accepting it / that you've had enough and it's time to stop, but you'll never...
City 04:05
a clean pin / a healthy pinch / to spin you through the vomit wheel / crack the skin / break the vessel / clean your filthy, aching sores / four walls without a door / no windows to let the light in / always keeping score / but never count the empty glasses / we sink right to the bottom of poseidon's deep, angry sea / don't leave / i want you going down with me / captain of his ship / he works himself to sleep / he's a real lover, isn't he? / isn't he? / you're right where they want you / waiting at the gates / painfully distant in my city under sea / painfully distant and safe
Beholder 03:20
beholder, testify / i'm bearing witness to volume disappearing / but the stakes we've made / the place we've saved inside our hearts won't stay / a different side of life breathing / face to face with what we're made of / a different side of brightness comforts / tears us apart at the heart of it / i have known it's face and that might be enough for me / i have known it's and i know that it's fading as it's breaking me / as it's breaking / a call for action is not just call for release / this is taking what little i have left / this is breaking me / sing for me / and still it's breaking me piece by piece / sing for me / sing
Ghost 07:22
take me out on the road / i'm at the end of my rope / fueling anger and smoking loss / i will follow you home even if i'm a ghost / i will follow you home / leave him be and let him sleep / only true killers set towards the deed / but only if you're suffering / leave him be and let him sleep at ease / a life long enough to find our way / our pages short enough to get to the point / life without the teeth to taste what's so far out of reach / time without the clocks to read / leave him be and let him sleep at ease / our bodies freaking and free / her hands and her knees swollen, defeating / if we could have slept forever / when our eyes had met the sun / we could have been one / (ghosts will follow us home from portland to paterson) / for all it's worth and it's cost / for what we gave and what we've lost / it's been a coaster of a ride / i've seen more hands than clocks have time / i'm seeing more drinks than i'm seeing daylight / leave him be and let him die / ghosts will follow us home
A Dead Whore 03:56
she always makes her way into a room while i make love to a million and one shallow, half-empty glasses / she wakes up naked / the fakest of warm smiles to wake him / we dug this grave through all our land / i wrote this page / built the casket with my hands / call her what you will / call her up and let her know a whore's no better than a selfish man just trying to get wet / in the morning when she's finished and she calls, a dead whore's better than a selfish man with a hatchet in his back / for a second i was this shitty / i thought i might be this alone and bitter, but i am fine just by myself / call it what you will / call it what you will / a hatchet in the back feels better than fucking glass / in the morning when he's finished and she calls, a dead whore's still better than a selfish man with a hatchet in his back / call it what you will / call it what you will / she always makes her way into a room
Dorthea 05:26
when dorthea went she did not feel a thing / isn't that the way? / softly in sleep / sweetly and quietly / when dorthea went, it had been years since she'd recalled my name / when dorthea went, nobody came / and it's been sobering / the morning she went down, some shuddering sense came around / that what i missed was not forgivable / i could have done more / at the very least, i could have been there at the end, holding her hands / if i was sober / it's patient but it's all we have / it's quiet but it's all we have / i'm sober but that's just for now / it's broke / in getting old, we've sold our souls / to take, to drive, to wile, to kill, to kill / each drop we spill helps carry her on / roads paved in gold will turn to cold to walk / she's left a lifetime of regret for what i've sold / but the road we walked was paved in gold


Chris Curtin - Guitar/Keys/Vocals
Nick Derevjanik - Bass/Synths/Vocals
Jeff Rendano - Drums/Vocals


released September 25, 2009

All songs written by Document. "Empires" was engineered and produced by Jeff Rendano and Document. All songs mixed by Jeff Rendano. Tracks 2-5 mastered by Mike Kalajian. Tracks 1, 6-10 mastered by Jeff Rendano. Chris Savino plays bass on tracks 2-7. Art/Design by Evan Schlomann.


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Document Monroe, New York

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